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Start of a New Era of Free Trade Between Canada and the European Union.

As announced last July, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) goes into effect in both Canada and the European Union (EU).


Will the U.S. Dollar End the Year on a Good Note?

After several months of weakness, the U.S. dollar stabilized against most other major currencies in September, with a few attempts at a rebound. The past months’ depreciation had mainly been due to the markets’ lack of confidence in continued monetary firming in the United States.


Advisor Resources

Jai K. Jacobs, Marketing Director and Portfolio Manager/Analyst, discusses Lazard’s investment philosophy and management style as they relate to the tactical management of Desjardins’ Chorus II Portfolios.

He describes the opportunities and challenges faced by the Lazard team and what distinguishes it from its peers.


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