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The institutional market is often a leading indicator of trends in the retail market. Moreover, retail investors are also increasingly aware of sustainable development issues, and most are ready to invest a portion of their portfolios in RIfootnote 1 .

Get your clients ahead of trends by talking to them about RI solutions.

  • 63% of investors would include RI in their portfolio and the majority would allocate half of their portfolio to RIfootnote 1.
  • 14% of investors have discussed RI with their advisorfootnote 1.
  • 50% of total assets under management in Canada in 2018 are invested in accordance with responsible investment (RI) principlesfootnote 2.
  • US$257.7B in environmental (green) bonds were issued in 2019, an increase of 51% compared to 2018footnote3.
  • 195 countries and territories have signed the Paris Agreement on climate changefootnote 4.
  • US$282.2B was invested worldwide in renewable energy in 2019footnote 5.

Responsible investing that also aims to deliver competitive potential returns

RI solutions offer your clients the opportunity to seize the growth potential of high-quality companies that are leading the way in the transition to a more sustainable economy. Furthermore, they can position you as the trusted advisor with cutting-edge yet disciplined strategies for tomorrow’s markets. The following data show that RI/ESG strategies can generate potential returns that are on par with or better than traditional investments.footnote 6

  • Don’t compromise on return potential!

    Responsible investment solutions offer a return potential that is just as attractive as what you would get with a traditional investment – sometimes even better! Confirmed by more than 2,000 Studiesfootnote 7.

  • Sustained growth

    Sustained growth. RI in 2018 represents 50.6% of Canada's investment industryfootnote2.

RI: promote your growth in your practice

Millennials, women and university-educated individuals are among the many high-potential market segments for RI. The market is experiencing significant growth in specific regions in Canada as well, notably Quebec and British Columbia.


Millennials are the biggest segment of Canada’s working populationfootnote 8 .

2 x as likely to consider RI than their parentsfootnote 9.

2 out of 3 think their advisor should know about responsible investingfootnote 9.

In 2017, 68% of American millennials bought a product with a social or environmental benefitfootnote 10.


By 2030, roughly 2/3 of the private wealth in the US will be held by womenfootnote 11.

In 2017 in United States, 84% of women expressed interest in sustainable investing, compared to 67% of menfootnote 12.

69% feel a sense of urgency to invest responsiblyfootnote 13.

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