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Daily Pulse

One of our most accessible tools, this daily commentary keeps you abreast of developments on the North American and international financial markets.

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Economic Viewpoint

Figures, observations, and interpretations of economic news.

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Weekly Commentary

An analysis of the trends in the money, bond, currency, and stock markets as well as economic conditions. Published every Friday.

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Economic and Financial Outlook

Updates on economic and financial conditions overseas, in the United States and in Canada; outlooks on the money market and bond market, the value of foreign currency and certain primary market indices.

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Does the war in Ukraine pose a risk to Desjardins?

  • The war does not put Desjardins at risk and, if necessary, we will be able to meet our financial obligations.
  • The main credit rating agencies (Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch and DBRS) have recognized our financial stability by giving us excellent credit ratings, which are similar to those of major international banks.

Exposure to Russia

Are Desjardins Funds exposed to Russian markets?

  • Desjardins has very limited exposure to Russian markets.
  • That exposure is limited to a few funds and represents less than 1% overall.

Desjardins going to divest its investments in Russia?

  • Desjardins is very sensitive to what's happening in Ukraine.
  • The Russian stock market is currently closed.
  • Our organization has always complied with the regulations in place, including government imposed economic sanctions, and will continue to do so.
  • Government imposed economic sanctions do not currently enforce divestment from Russian securities. If that becomes a requirement under the sanctions, our portfolio managers will take the appropriate steps.
  • When Russian markets open again, portfolio managers will also evaluate any alternatives for securities not included in the sanctions, making sure to act in the best interests of investors.

Here are some tips to help your clients stay confident when markets are volatile.

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