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Sustainable advantages are competitive advantages. Help clients harness the potential.

For some companies and investors, climate change and other sustainable development challenges only represent obstacles to overcome. For others, environmental issues represent business opportunities to position themselves for the next major shift in global business:

  • By offering solutions aimed at optimizing resource use.
  • By embracing alternative management models like the circular economy.
  • By developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption needs and/or introduce other efficiencies.

A key component of Desjardins’ responsible investing (RI) solutions is identifying companies solving sustainable development challenges today in order to gain competitive advantage to generate long-term value tomorrow. Investing with these companies can help your clients build the foundations for interesting return potential while helping to leave behind a positive impact.

Tangible impact


Globally, it’s projected that we must spend US$7.5 trillion on water infrastructure until 2030.1


In 2018 alone, US$332 billion was invested in alternative clean energy technologies worldwide.2


By 2025, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles will account for an estimated 30% of global vehicle sales.3


Shifting to sustainable food and agriculture could create US$2 trillion in new economic value by 2030.4


171 million people could be lifted out of extreme poverty if all children left school with basic reading skills.5


Achieving gender equality could contribute up to US$28 trillion to global GDP by 2025.6

Thematic funds

Help your clients invest thematically, in companies positioned to seize emerging opportunities related to the transition to a more sustainable world.

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Help clients take action today. Recommend Desjardins’s industry-leading responsible investment solutions.

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