COVID-19 Message to our investors

COVID-19 Useful information to guide you

Your investments during periods of high volatility

The continued spread of the coronavirus has resulted in increased stock market volatility. The current situation is a reminder that unforeseen events can disrupt the markets and cause big swings in the value of investments.

While the full extent of the financial impact of the virus remains uncertain, the markets are already anticipating short- and medium-term consequences on the global economy.

During periods of market volatility, our clients can turn to our frontline advisors for support. The best way to prevent panic is to think long-term. Having a long-term mindset can include strategies like:

  • Having a diversified portfolio to help limit losses amid stock market turbulence.
  • Making sure your portfolio lines up with your risk tolerance and your investment horizon.
  • Sticking to your investment goals and action plans.

Remember that our investment funds are designed to weather this kind of volatility. Market fluctuations often provide opportunities for investment professionals to boost fund performance.

Our experts are keeping a close eye on the situation and any potential impact on our investment products. Frontline employees will receive regular updates and everything they need to help you make the right decisions.

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